All art prints, stationery, and book merch will return in January 2024!
SHOP ON TEMPORARY HIATUS; All art prints, cards, and book merch will return in Jan 2024!

I'm so excited to finally have natelledrawsstuff.com up and running! There are still a few bits and pieces that need tweaking, and if you're one of the first few customers to order products from this website, you'll be helping me test out this new cart checkout and shipping platform, so please be patient with me! I try to have everything run as smoothly as possible, but sometimes there may be bumps along the way (but bumps are good, because then we can identify issues that require fixing!).

Aside from having a snazzy new website, I've also been working on an email newsletter subscription thingy! You can now subscribe to Natelle Draws Stuff mail! You can find this tool in the bottom right corner of the home page, or you'll have an option to subscribe during checkout. I understand that not everyone is able to check their social media accounts regularly, so this email subscription should hopefully fill in those gaps and help ensure that you don't miss out on special sales or upcoming releases.

Okay, that's me for the time being, please explore the new website, and don't hestitate to get in touch with me with any suggestions that you think might help this website run more smoothly!



November 23, 2016 by Natelle Quek
Tags: Site Update



Sadiq said:

Awesome page Natelle!!


Diane said:

Love your website and all of your creations! It was a pleasure meeting you and your husband at Glam Craft. Diane

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