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Rosie: "These fake flowers are delicious!"

We love animals, so we have dedicated this small section of our home page to awesome pets! Does your pet sit in funny poses? Is insanely adorable? Is hilariously grumpy? Does silly things? If you think your pet has what it takes to be Pet of the Week, read on!

Step 1. Title/subject line of email says: "NDS Pet of the Week"

Step 2. Photo should be square 1000 px in size if possible (no biggie if it isn't)

Step 3. In your email, include your pet's name, and what it's doing in the photo

Step 4. Email to hello@natelledrawsstuff.com, and you're done!

If your pet has been chosen, you will receive an email from me, with a special 10% discount code to use with your next order!

December 09, 2016 by Natelle Quek